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Every client is different. We will tailor a security package specifically to fit your needs and budget!

  • Courteous and professional officers
  • Armed or unarmed service
  • Patrol and on-site officers available
  • Printed logs available upon request
  • Incident reports
    -For problems that may occur on the property such as assaults, trespassers, etc.
  • Multi-property discounts.
  • Work place violence coverage.
  • Armed transportation services.
  • Executive Protection
  • Government Heavily armed "Specialized officer" services with the ability to carry long rifels on a 5.56/.223 platform



  • Our officers are tracked real time with in 7 meters of their location  with our Track Tik guard tour system. This is a computerized tracking system that provides accurate information about the time, date, location as well as giving our clients the abilitiy to log in to our system and check on the officers also.


  • Regular direct contact by the supervisors in charge on your site(s) ensures that we are meeting our customers expectations and satisfaction!  


  • Electronic Shift logs and Transportation logs directly emailed to the clients (Through Track Tik) ensure that our customers are informed about the services that being performed.


  • With client login abilities locations, times, logs and incident reports can be viewed for up to 12 months after a shift.


  • Dunn and Bradstreet performed a 10 point “Customer satisfaction survey” of our 12 top clients and received a 91%/ “A” rating! SSI has had 2 of these “Customer satisfaction surveys” completed with 2 "A" Ratings



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