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What's different about

Surveillance Security, Inc.?

Did you know that most other security companies don't require that officers have any experience as a security officer on in a related field to be hired?
At Surveillance Security, Inc.:
  • Armed or unarmed, service ecxperience is REQUIRED in either:
    • Security
    • Law Enforcement
    • Military Service
  • A Three-Interview Process
  • FBI Background Checks On ALL Security Officers
  • Physical Fitness Standards Must Be Met
  • Our Officers Are Dedicated To This Line Of Work
  • Field Supervision Ensures The Job Is Being Done Properly

Complete Services

Every client is different. We will tailor a security package specifically to fit your needs and budget!
  • Courteous & Professional Officers
  • Armed or Unarmed Service
  • Bike Patrols
  • Patrol and On-Site Officers Available
  • Printed Logs Availabler Upon Request
  • Incident Reports
    • For Problems That May Occur On The Property Such As Assaults, Tresspassers etc.
  • Multi-Property Discounts
  • Workplace Violence Coverage
  • Armed Transportation Services


  • Pulse star data collection system is a computerized tracking system that provides accurate information about the time, date, location and certainty that shift was completed.
  • Regular customer contact ensures that we are meeting our customers expectations and satisfaction! Dunn & Bradstreet performaed a 10 point "Customer Satisfaction Survey" of our top 12 clients and received a 91%/"A" rating! SSI has had two of these "Customer Satisfaction Surveys" completed in the last 24 months.
  • Shift and transportation logs ensure our customers are informed about the services being performed.